About Us

Our mission

We set out to empower billions of people across the world by providing them to a more open, efficient, and inclusive platform to buy,sell and trade crypto currencies . To do that, we built imoneyxchange.com a platform that makes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum easily accessible to everyone – whoever and wherever you are.

Why Cryptocurrency

The way people use and think about money is constantly evolving.The existing financial system was built for a non-digital age, ignoring the needs of the modern individual and with many unnecessary inefficiencies and gatekeepers. The world now has access to new technologies like decentralised cryptocurrencies that is quickly making these old systems and ways of thinking redundant. Like communication evolving from landlines to mobile phones, or post to email, money is now finally catching up with other information revolutions.Decentralised cryptocurrencies are enabling us to reimagine the financial system to upgrade the world to something better.

A Culture around Vision

We believe that decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will fundamentally change how the world views and uses money. We feel it’s our duty to bring this knowledge and excitement to the world as best we can.

It takes a certain breed of person, with a special system of values, to take on a challenge of such epic proportions.